Klove is the first conversational connected connected cooking platform that revolutionizes the cooking space to assist the people cooking at home with seamless hands free recipe directions.

Klove converts any recipe into a conversational  recipe. Klove can talk through any recipe step-by-step with natural pause, automatic cooking timers, helpful contextual chef tips, recipe personalization and much more.

Klove connects to smart kitchen appliances so they can be part of the connected cooking experience.

Klove works with popular voice assistants both on devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home as well as smartphones.

Klove offers both free as well as paid subscription models to consumers


    The Benefits of klove 


Klove is built on a strong technology platform designed to deliver a great cooking experience to people who love cooking. If you are in the food business, or kitchen appliance business or kitchen accessories, get in touch with us, we have something exciting for you. We would love to collaborate with you.

We have already partnered with many of the top international food brands ands are constantly looking for new partnerships with celebrity chefs, cookbook authors, meal kits and CPG food brands.  If you are a part of these food sub-industries and want to stay ahead of consumer kitchen trends contact us now! We want to collaborate with you!

Klove offering:

  • Open API for recipe contents like from celebrity chefs, cookbooks, meal kits and CPG food product entities.
  • Open API for kitchen appliance OEMs for creating connected cooking experience.


Klove app amazon alexa recipe assistant
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"Klove is the next big thing"

— Nestlé 

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The Klove team is made up of IOT thought leaders, chefs and entrepreneurs with over 30+ years in the technology and food space. 
The team have gathered many accolades while developing The Klove platform such has being awarded as 'The Next Big Thing' 2017 by Nestle, the founder Bahubali Shete was awarded as a IOT Thought Leader 2017 and the company was accepted into Food-X, the world's largest food accelerator in the world.